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Conversion Steering Column Bushing (Pre 1971 Jeep)
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The 716810 column bushing is offered in our Saginaw steering conversion kits for pre 1971 CJ Jeeps. The bushing is designed to support the column shaft once the stock Jeep worm gear steering mechanism has been removed. Once removed, the end of the shaft must be machined to fit the universal joint provided. The diameter of this shaft must be machined to fit a 7/8” (.875”). After the shaft has been machined, the column can be reassembled with the modified shaft. The 716810 column bushing can then be installed into the column housing with a precision fit on the shaft.

The 716810 column bushing is manufactured of a special bronze oilite material. It is essentially a bronze alloy material that has been penetrated will oil. The bushing essentially has “pores” where oil can permeate throughout the bushing keeping the bushing properly lubricated for the steering column shaft.

The 716810 has an outer diameter of 1.43” with a raised lip of 1.45”. The inner diameter is 875” and has an overall length of .50”


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