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True Pulse VSS Tailhousing Kit (1410 non-cv yoke)
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Advance Adapter

On vehicles with computer controlled engine swaps, GM engines 1993 & up ECU systems require a 40 pulse sine wave signal for proper operation. Our True-Pulse tailhousing kit can provide the proper VSS signal when using a manual transmission.

The True-Pulse kit requires one of our Advance Adapters Heavy Duty transfer case tailhousing kits for proper fitment. The specific transfer cases include Dana 20, Dana 300, Jeep NP231 and the Atlas transfer case.

The True-Pulse kit includes a reluctor sensor, set screws, rubber seal washer, yoke nut, seal, VSS Tailhousing ring, VSS mounting block, pigtail for VSS sensor, modified reluctor ring, modified 1410 non- c.v. yoke, fastening hardware and adapter instructions.


Vehicles with an engine conversion using a 1993 & later GM computer controlled engine and an automatic transmission requiring a VSS “should not” use the True-Pulse VSS kit. When using or installing this specific type of drive train combination, we highly recommend a VSS be located in the transfer case adapter or the automatic transmission. This will give the ECU a correct 1 to 1 reading when in 4wd low range.

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50-5040 True-Pulse VSS kit with 1310 non-c.v. yoke

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Engine Chevy LS Series Gen III & IV
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