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Pilot Bushing .670" ID X 1.380" & 1.818" OD
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The 716174 is a custom pilot bushing for adapting AMC and Ford V8 engines to the Scout T18/t19 transmissions with .67” pilot tips. The pilot bushing is normally supplied in our kit #712531. The pilot bushing is stepped on the outer diameter allowing for both the AMC and Ford engine cranks.

The pilot bushing is manufactured of a special bronze oilite material. It is essentially a bronze alloy material that has been penetrated with oil. The bushing essentially has “pores” where oil can permeate throughout the bushing keeping the bushing properly lubricated for the transmission input shaft.

The dimensions of the 716174 pilot bushing are: O.D X I.D. X LENGTH 1.818” AMC (1.377” Ford) X .67” X 1.250”

  • Advance Adapters conversion kits that include this pilot bushing include: PN712531