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Advance Adapter

This custom clutch kit is designed to adapt the Gen 5 / LS series to a GM manual transmission (SM420, SM465, NV4500) into a Landcruiser FJ40. The clutch kit includes a custom flywheel, 11mm flywheel bolts, 11" Centerforce pressure plate & disc, pilot bushing spacer, throw-out bearing, 10mm bellhousing bolts, 10mm lock washers, XRP dowel bolts.

Note: The flywheel included in this kit was developed for exclusive use for Advance Adapters. The flywheel offsets the distance of the disc surface .400 inch towards the transmission to make up for the shallow crank (.340 inch) flange on the LS engines. This design allows full clutch disc spline engagment on the transmission input shaft.The flywheel is relieved on the backside to maintain a 30lb weight.

Note: We can also use this clutch kit with Gen 5 / LS Engines to Jeep manual transmission (AX15 / NV3550) & Ford manual transmission (NP435/T-18). When using these transmissions the throw-out bearing retainer must be machined!!! Ford 4 speed applications will need a different clutch set !!

Gen 5 / LS Engines

The Gen 5 all have the same crank stick out which is .400" closer to the block than the old 350 V8. The Gen 5 / LS series crank bolt pattern is different than any other GM crank as to the bolt pattern on the flex plate. Only Gen 5 / LS series flywheels fit these engines!!! The Gen 5 / LS series engines are internally balanced block which is different than the 1986 & newer standard GM blocks (305,350).


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Model FJ40
Engine GM GEN V engine
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