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Jeep JK Procal Module
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AEV ProCal Module for Jeep JK’s. This powerful, yet affordable tool, allows you to change the vehicle’s factory computer settings to suit your needs. Benefits include speedometer and gear ratio correction to compensate for tire and gear changes, Tire Pressure Monitor System control for running lower than stock pressures, daytime running lamp activation, the ability to temporarily increase the engine idle speed options for improved winching or on board air compressor performance. The ProCal Module is an easy-to-read code card that makes setting the tool a snap.

ProCal Module Functions:

  • Large tire recalibration (Restores the vehicle's speedometer/odometer accuracy following the installation of larger-than-stock tires)
  • Axle gear ratio recalibration (Resets automatic transmission shift points to maximize the benefits of an axle gear ratio change)
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System recalibration

Note: Lowering a vehicle's tire pressure below that specified by the vehicle/tire manufacturer may create unsafe handling characteristics. AEV assumes no responsibility for a vehicle's handling characteristics or the safety of the vehicle's occupants.

  • Daytime running lamp activation/deactivation, and lamp location selection
  • One-touch turn signal activation/deactivation
  • Engine idle speed options (Improves winch performance and battery charging capabilities by temporarily increasing engine idle RPM)
  • Steering wheel centering (Provides for spot-on steering alignment)
  • Clears Engine Diagnostic Codes
Products specifications
Model JK Wrangler
Make Jeep